Does Your Family Do This?

Someone please tell me that we are not the only crazy family that does this. We’re in the car; we may be in the driveway or we may be ten miles down the road, and then it happens…someone asks one of the questions.

You know which ones I’m talking about…

Did I lock the back door?
Did I lock the front door?
Did I leave the stove on?
Did I leave my curling iron on?
Did we leave the coffee maker on?
Did we close the garage door?

I suppose most families have to deal with the questions but I do wonder how often you do.
As a rule, Saturdays are road trip days for us. We get in the car; sometimes with a map, sometimes without, and simply look for an adventure. The main limitation is that we can get back home the same day. Other than that, the goal is to find some new town, road, restaurant, or shop that we’ve never been to before.

This past Saturday was slightly marred by one the the questions. This time it was “Did I leave the stove on?” Then comes the dilemma, do you go back and check or do you keep going and possibly return home to find your home a smoldering pile of cinders. Unfortunately, we were around 10 miles from the house at this point. So, we did what most families do, we debated whether to go back or not – which of course only increased the miles between us and the house.

We opted on the side of caution and returned home. And of course we found the stove was indeed turned off.

By the time it was done, 45 minutes had passed from when we originally left the house to when we finally got on our way to our day’s adventure.

So, I ask you; is this bit of craziness unique to our family or do some of you out there also get haunted by the questions?

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