Featured Artist Friday – April 27, 2012

Someone asked me the other day how I am selecting the artists that I include each week in my Featured Artist posts. First off, you can guarantee a spot if you email me directly and let me know about a piece you would like to share with the world.

As for the other pieces, they are all coming via my blog reader. You might have noticed that the posts have been changing a bit from week to week. I’ve tried a number of different strategies and while I would absolutely love to include something from everyone who posted something this week – that was simply way too time consuming and difficult to manage.

My current strategy revolves around my feedreader and the randomness of who posts what when. The first twelve shops or sites with a completed project to share are the ones that get into that week’s Featured Artist post. I still snoop around their site and shop and pick out something that I think best showcases their work but otherwise, I’m going to use what comes up in the Reader.

I think this is the best solution. The randomness of it ensures that each week’s Featured Artist post will hopefully include something you haven’t seen before. It also allows me to get these posts done in a more timely fashion – hopefully, no more Friday posts being actually posted on Saturday or Sunday. And, hopefully, it will give me more time to interact with all of my Crafty Tips friends and continue working to promote their work.

So, now that all the housekeeping is out of the way…here’s this week’s Featured Artists and the lovely things they have made this week…

doll closet

American Girl Strapless Top, Leggings and Matching Crochet Beanie by Doll Closet

dzi designs

Christian Faith ICHTHYS Handmade Sterling Silver Filled Bracelet

tina eve renee

Chocolate Brown Lace Dangle Earrings by Tina Eva Renee

pixes treasure chest

Silver Filled Red and Green Garnet Wire Wrapped Earrings by Pixe’s Treasure Chest

tessa ann

Frog Button Set by Tessa Ann

our doll fashions

American Girl Doll Pink and Black Polka Dot Beret by Our Doll Fashions

jorgensen studio

Sterling Silver Promise Stacking Ring with Brazilian Amethyst by Jorgensen Studio


Blue Cotton, Silk & Merino Wool Scarf by Sesenarts

green willow

Small White Jewelry Pouch by Green Willow

stillwater candles

Hyacinth Scented Soy Mason Jar Candle by Still Water Candles

j and e doodles

Crochet Twin Newborn Baby Cocoon Photo Prop by J and E Doodles

woodcrafts and candles

Wine Box Elder Wood Cigar Style Pen with Chrome and Gold Accents by Woodcrafts and Candles

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