Featured Artist Friday – February 24, 2012

One of my favorite things about Crafty Tips is getting to see the work of so very many talented artisans and craftspersons. Even limiting myself to the Etsians I’ve met through my site, my feed reader is full of wonderful handmade items to consider for each week’s Featured Artist Friday post.

Two of the this week’s artists haven’t been featured on Blog About Crafts before, so some of you may be seeing their work for the first time. The other three are among some of my favorites. All are Etsians, so if you see something you like here, you had better act fast. Several of the items previously showcased on Featured Artist Friday were sold within days of being featured here. Three of the pieces in this week’s post are true one of a kind pieces so you’ll only have one chance to snag one for yourself.

Geek Gear

Joe Oliveri and his Etsy shop are all about the Geeks, those folks who love gadgets, gizmos and all the electronic wizardry that goes along with it. Joe takes the cast-offs from our gadgets and gizmos and turns them into useful items that any geek would be sure to love.

What geek wouldn’t want their own Sound Blaster computer sound card clock? Using an old sound board and a piece of an old network server hard drive, he has created this fun and whimsical desk clock. If you think the geek in your life would like this clock, don’t wait too long, it’s obviously a bit of a one of a kind piece and you might not be able to get another chance to get one like it again.

Be sure to check out more of Joe’s clocks, his floppy disk creations and other creative uses for recycled electronics and computer parts on his Etsy shop.

Pretty Cheap Jewelry

Nina has been participating on Crafty Tips since 2006. But, don’t let the name of her shop fool you. She makes some lovely pieces of jewelry and simply charges rock bottom prices.

Much of her jewelry and accessories are crafted using recycled materials, guitar strings are a favorite, and most of her pieces are one of the kind simply due to the frugal way she acquires her supplies.

This week, Nina listed several silk pouches including Daddy’s little purse. She’s using recycled materials in a most clever and new way to create these stylish, trendy and functional little pouches.

Be sure to check out some of her PrettyElite line where she lists items made with gold filled wire and a variety of gemstones.

Superior Agates

Marie has created another beautiful, one of a kind piece of jewelry this week. All of her pieces are gorgeous but this is my favorite among her recent shop listings. It is made of a stunning piece of bruno jasper and adorned with wire wrap and beads in copper. It comes with an open link copper chain.

Marie polished and cut this stone to maximize it’s beauty and showcase the patterns within the stone. To purchase this Bruno Jasper & Copper Pendent and Necklace or any of her other work, be sure to visit her Etsy shop.

Woodcrafts and Candles

Woodcrafts and Candles is the name of an Etsy shop run by a husband and wife team from Rhode Island. She makes candles and candle tarts in just about any scent you can think of (check out her profile to see the list) and he has been making beautiful wooden objects for over 30 years.

In one convenient place, you can find everything you need for a romantic evening. You can make your house smell like a Christmas tree or a tropical beach with one of their candles, display your candle on one of their candle holders, have a hand-turned wooden bowl for your favorite snack and even a hand-turned bottlestopper for any wine that survives your evening of romance. They even have beautiful, hand-turned pens with which you can write love letters to each other.

Right now, they have selection of votive candles on sale for half price. The ones pictured are in the flavor of Zombi Punch which is described as a sassy, citrus blend of lemon, lime and orange juice, apricot and papaya nectars, and garnished with fresh pineapple slices. Sounds like it would smell yummy.

Handmade Buttons by Tessa Ann

It’s been a little over two years since I first saw Tessa Ann’s work. She makes polymer clay buttons that could easily be termed wearable art. Before you visit her shop, put all thoughts of cane slices and items with a dull matte finish from your mind. In a highly guarded secret method, Tessa Ann makes her buttons shine like they’re a cross between commercial-grade plastic and ceramics. She decorates many of the buttons in such a way that you would think they were hand-painted instead of made with layers of clay.

I am a major fan of her work. Her buttons are brightly colored, super shiny and some of her designs will absolutely amaze you. One new design, Gnome Girl, has what could be considered a small painting all contained on a 3/4 inch button.

You just might want to redesign your latest project to require a few more buttons after you see all of the wonderful buttons Tessa Ann sells in her Etsy shop.

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