Featured Artist Friday – March 30, 2012

So much talent. So many wonderful things. Where do all these folks find the time, creativity and inspiration to make such lovely pieces each week?

This week, Featured Artist Friday has a big ground of featured artists, so without further ado, here they are…

Colorboard Chalkboard Cup

Amethyst Blue Glass Flower Earrings

Cupcake Painting

Copper and Green Impression Jasper Earrings

Sterling Silver Gothic-Style Ring with Purple Aubergine Crystal

Floral Jewelry Pouch or Purse

Imitation Ruby Ladies’ Prong Ring

Miniature Neapolitan Cake 1/12 Scale

My Colourful Pots

Birds of Paradise Scented Soy Candle

Original Watercolor Easter Bunny Wearable Art Necklace

Hand Knitted Charcoal Hoodie the Puki BJD Dolls

Hand Turned Tulipwood Wine Bottlestopper

Gem Silica Inspiration Mine Arizona Cabochon

Made to Order Bellshaped Sleeve Petal Stitch Crochet Shrug

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