Featured Friday – December 9, 2011

This week’s Featured Friday is full of cute, cool and unique items. They are on the small side but are not lacking in creativity and charm. Several items are available on Etsy if you don’t wait too long and I’ve slipped in one that includes a link to the original tutorial too.

Featured Friday – December 2, 2011

This week’s Featured Friday showcases the work of five talented Etsians. They are literally from all over the world and make a wide variety of items. From a one inch long loaf of bread to lap quilt, there’s something of all shapes, sizes and materials to be found among this group. From the shiny to the fuzzy, all textures are represented too!

Featured Friday – November 25, 2011

This Featured Friday entry showcases a beautifully decoupaged thrift store find, a pretty dress made for a much-loved granddaughter, an artist trading card made with eggshells, an embellished thank you card and a daily drawing from a sketchbook. Be sure to visit each artist’s site and tell them how wonderful you think their work is.

Fabulous Fridays

Despite being a little late this week, the wonderful creations from the Artisan Jewelry makers of Crafty Tips are well worth checking out. Five talented jewelry artists are featured in this week’s Fabulous Fridays showcase of artisans. Be sure to visit their sites and check out their beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Fabulous Fridays

Our first Fabulous Fridays post showcases 5 very talented artisans who are all working in and around the fiber arts. From spectacular buttons, to jewelry and toy patterns to eco-fashions and even felted portrait sculptures – this week’s featured artists have one thing in common – exceptional talent at what they do.

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