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reusable art vintage imageI know I’ve talked about my art site before but I am so excited about how it is growing. The search engines are finally starting to send me some traffic and a few other crafters have started adding links to it from their websites – Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In case you missed my earlier posts, the website I’m talking about is Reusable Art. Reusable Art celebrates old illustrations, pictures, and photos from books and magazines. These wonderful pieces of art have fallen out of copyright and are now in the public domain. Crafters, website designers, and anyone who’s stick figures need subtitles like mine do can find a growing collection of Free Downloadable Images.

Insects, Bugs & Other Creepy Crawlies – Free Images

The newest category on the site is Insects, Bugs & Other Creepy Crawlies. The category is quickly expanding due to the wonderful works or art that I found in a book published in 1873 entitled Our Common Insects. What makes this collection of bug images extra special is that most of them are line drawings that are just waiting for an artistic hand to colorize them.

Letter Images

The most popular category on the site has been something of a surprise. Little did I know that so many people were searching for Fancy Letters to use with their arts and crafts projects. I wish I could find more images for this category but for the most part they are coming from books that were published over 120 years ago. The 120 years part ensures that the images are truly in the public domain as many of the Fancy Drop Cap Letters were created by the publishing houses and they retain a longer hold on the copyright of those images.

Come, Explore, Enjoy & Share

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to check the site out, bookmark the site (I keep adding new pictures as I find them), and would love for you to it from your own blog or website.

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