From Shop Chatter to Product Line

beaded jewelryMore than once I’ve been in a store and overheard someone say that they really love a particular item. We’ve all heard those types of comments. I admit to often sneaking a peak to see what it is they are talking about. Where we make our mistake however, is when that comment is followed up with a sigh and another comment, “If only it came in a different color”, ” If only they had one in my size” or “If only I could use it for ____ too”.

I admit that I’m guilty of this myself. When I was making seed bead jewelry I heard quite a few comments that the daisy chain pieces seemed to only come as bracelets. Several folks mentioned wanting matching earrings or a necklace. The irony was the price wasn’t really an issue. The REALLY wanted a set.

Not much else to say on this topic other than ask if you’ve heard any wonderful ideas that you could share and perhaps pass on. I hope to keep this post a living record of the bits I pick up here and there and share ideas that I can’t act upon but perhaps someone else could.

Here’s my first one….

Who says everything knit or crochet for a baby has to be in pale, washed out shades of yellow, pink, green or blue? Look at the stuff the folks at Fisher Price and other major toy companies make for babies and young children – bright, bold primary colors abound. Even when they do use pink, blue, or green pastel type colors they are darker shades.

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