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drawing siteFrom time to time I get great submissions to Crafty Tips that just don’t seem to be a fit but are great sites worthy of discussion. This week brought one such site to my submission queues and I will warn you now, it is a bit addictive…Think Draw – a fun new online drawing site. Think Draw is an interactive website that allows site visitors to draw pictures using a set of preselected images.

flower petalsEach of the images can be resized and in the case of the Flowers group the images provided make up a section of a larger image – the image on the right is an example.

The site is free to use and the site designer is generous enough to allow artists complete control over their created works. Members are able to show off their creations on the site and the drawings and collages in the gallery are amazing.

Here are three of my favorites among the recent submissions:

owl drawing horse drawing 

The third image makes use of one of the provided backgrounds you can choose from to make your picture with.

Think Draw is certainly a site to add to the bookmarks but be forewarned, it is wonderfully addictive.

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