Great Kids Sharing Love

sharing loveSomeone shared this story of giving with me and I thought I would help to spread the world.

Krista Shugart, a high school student in New Jersey was inspired by her volunteer work in a local soup kitchen to do something more. People would come to the soup kitchen without scarves and hats and Krista decided that she could offer the patrons something more.

Knit/Crochet for a Cause was born and Krista, along with 24 of her friends and fellow students began meeting once a week for an hour and a half. In seven weeks, the group has already produced six baby blankets, six baby hats, 24 teen/adult hats, and 23 scarves. The group is still growing as is their at knitting and crochet abilities.

I love that along with the picture of Krista which accompanies the story is one of a young boy carefully knitting a blue and white scarf. I’ve always known boys knit too, but it’s always fun to see the young ones doing it.

Learn more about Krista and how you can help Knit/Crochet for a Cause by visiting the original news story in her hometown paper – Helping Hands Knit for a Cause. They are looking for more volunteers and new or clean used yarn to continue their efforts.

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