Halloween Tricks Came Early to Our House

First it was the 3+ hour power outage AFTER the storm went through our area. No explanations from the power company and quite lame apologies.

Then it was the telephone and Internet outage that lasted from mid-afternoon on Friday until around 9:30 this morning. Who would’ve thought that Mom would be the one suffering the most from Internet withdrawal? And that wonderful phone line protection and the 24/7 support line appear to only apply during banker’s hours. Oh yes, there was someone to take our call, just no one to actually do anything to restore our service until today. Must be nice to not actually have to support customers on the weekends. Thank goodness none of mine needed me over the weekend.

I guess I’m supposed to just eat the billable client hours and the time on my own sites that the phone company stole from me. I’m just so glad that we didn’t have an emergency and needed help over the weekend.

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying the fall leaves and just went driving over the weekend. Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of great treats and no nasty tricks like we had to put up with.

Update…I should have known it was too good to be true. Around 1:30 here comes the technician in his truck. “Oh, hello, I’m here to fix your line,” he says. I say, “Oh, but we’ve been working since around 9:30 this morning.” He replies, “Well, uhm, then it fixed itself because I just got here. The line must be getting wet or something.”

Oh joy. sigh. So our technician spent around an hour here, dug two holes and couldn’t find the bad spot on the line from the house to the junction box. So, now we have a temporary line strung from the house to the box. He kindly warns us where he’s run the day-glow orange line sot that we don’t trip over it. And, now we wait for someone else to come in the next 15 days to permanently bury a new cable.

So, our wondrous phone company did not actually get us up and running early this morning but left us without service until almost 3 had not the line somehow magically righted itself, at least until the next time it got wet or whatever. The only good news in all of this is that they are taking full financial responsibility for making the repairs.

Golly, ain’t life in the 21st century grand?

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