Hi There

Hello, my name is Hapi.

Michele has been nice enough to share a little bit of her blog with me and let me make some of my own posts.

While I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, I do know that I’m a very pretty girl. Well, at least that’s what Michele and her Mom keep telling me. As you can see I am a Siamese cat and have bright blue eyes.

Just in case you can’t see my pretty blue eyes in the little picture, here’s a bigger one; after all, they are my most striking feature…

hapi catI have a little sister named Tali. I call her my little sister because she is so much smaller than I am but she’s the same age as me. I really love Tali but sometimes she can really get on my nerves.

Speaking of nerves…I was not a happy cat when Michele put this stupid toy on my head. Sure, I posed for this picture; after all, I am a bit of a ham. To get back at her, I absolutely refuse to play with it. She can wiggle it, jiggle it and toss it across the room but I WILL NOT play with it ever. Serves her right!

Yes, I can be a bit cantankerous when the mood strikes me. And when it comes to this particular toy, the mood always strikes me.

I absolutely love to run and play and Michele is a great playmate. She knows just what I like and plays with me when I ask her to. She sometimes calls me beast because of the way I sometimes treat my sister but Tali is such a pain sometimes that I can’t stop myself. But, that’s OK, I get Michele back by not purring for her. I might one day, but for now, I’m just not gonna give her the satisfaction.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Maybe next time I’ll tell you more about what a brat my little sister is.

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