How do they do it?

I’ve often wondered about those online social butterflies who are able to build these huge communities of web friends around their blogs and websites. I’ve come to realize their secret, they do one thing and do it well. It could be quilting. It could be Mod Podge. Or it could be beading.

The problem I have is that I love doing so many things and running Crafty Tips keeps my fingers in absolutely everything people are creating. I’ve been adding just the blogs and shops of folks participating on Crafty Tips to a feed reader and I quickly became totally overwhelmed. There’s just so many wonderful things being created on a daily basis that I could easily spend 24/7 just looking at pictures and reading posts; let alone being social with everyone. With over 900 listings on Crafty Tips, the idea of trying to reach out to everyone is beyond my comprehension or ability. And I certainly don’t make enough from my efforts to hire a helper.

I tried the Featured Artist series on Thursdays and Fridays. No one took the time to submit their work. A number of you expressed your gratitude in being featured and I know of at least one sale that came from one of my posts. Yet, it seemed to be a colossal time suck that yielded very little in the way of interest in Blog About Crafts.

I tried an experiment and sadly, it made it seem all the more likely no one is paying attention. I didn’t blog for several weeks. No Featured Artist posts. No nothing. I was waiting until someone left a comment. When one finally came, it was of course SPAM.

I’ve spent most of this week looking for great new sites to add to Crafty Tips and after hours upon hours of visiting blogs, I’ve only contacted a few and added even fewer to Crafty Tips. I’m not giving up on Crafty Tips but it is getting harder to remain enthusiastic about it.

I had always hoped that some folks would come here and make this site more of a meeting place than it is. I’ve even thought of having periodic giveaways.

I give up trying to figure out what folks are looking for.

Yes, for a change, this post is about MEEEEEEE! I am tired. I am disappointed. And, I am wondering if there is anyone out there even listening anymore.

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