Huge Milestone Reached Today!!!

It’s now been over two years since I started. With a little knowledge and a great idea, I started Crafty Tips Arts & Crafts Directory. I had come to hate looking for anything about crafting on the search engines because there are just so many sites that offer very little in the way of helpful tips, complete patterns, or even finished items or patterns for sale. Many of the top results are simply sites with generic articles designed for the sole purpose of directing folks to click on their advertisements.

All crafters have their list of favorite crafting sites they keep in their bookmark files. I know some who keep handwritten lists and even notecards of their favorite crafting websites. Crafters also love to share ideas and tips about their crafts when they get together in person or in the many online forums. I suspected if I merged keeping a list of great crafting websites with a way to share ideas and tips, I could create a true resource for crafters. Crafty Tips was the result.

There are a few craft directories that are larger than Crafty Tips. But, Crafty Tips continues to be the only craft directory that adds the fun of including crafting tips from the owners of every listed website. It is also one of the only directory-style websites featuring product pictures and company logos with each listing. Many directories rely exclusively on simple screen shots or don’t even bother including pictures at all.

The milestone that I’m so excited about?

1,000 Submissions!!!

1,000 times someone has taken the time to submit their site! 1,000 times someone visited my site and liked what they found! 1,000 times someone decided they wanted to be part of what I have built!

I have often been humbled by the exceptional artisans who have submitted their sites and am honored that they wanted to be part of what I have been building with Crafty Tips. Without them, the site would have never grown to what is has become today.

There’s been a lot of submissions that were purely spam, off topic, and even some that were X-rated. I knew that would happen going in and their submissions have come to be the butt of many jokes in our house. There’s been a handful that I wished had been a better fit. I hate whenever I have to decline a great site because the topic isn’t quite a match. But, by sticking to the plan, I believe Crafty Tips is well on the way to becoming one of the best darn crafting resource sites on the Internet today.

At this moment there are 377 listings on Crafty Tips. Those 377 are websites that offer ideas, materials and finished goods that exemplify the spirit of craftiness and truly offer something to their site visitors.

I am somewhat disappointed that the actual 1,000th submission was one that could not be accepted. But, I am excited about the 1,002nd submission. It will be the first listing with an identification number of over 1,000. It represents a small family-owned business from England who is also reaching a milestone in their business.

New Beginnings

There is a certain symmetry between Crafty Tips and the 1,002nd listing. As Crafty Tips hopefully enters a new phase and continues to grow; the same could be said about Sew Sew Simple.

Sew Sew Simple is the new website and initial foray into the world of selling products on the net by a company called Greens Furnishings. Greens is a family business that was established in 1963 – long before the Internet was a household name. They are expanding their Haberdashery and Soft Furnishing lines to include the online shop Sew Sew Simple where they are offering a wide variety of Sewing Notions for Sale.

Today marks a new beginning for both of us and that is so very exciting.

I wish them much success with their new venture and look forward to what the future will bring for both of our online adventures.

Heartfelt Thank You

Crafty Tips would not be the success that it is today without the many craft site owners who have supported us through their efforts. I would like to thank everyone who has added a link to Crafty Tips from their websites, blogs, and even from more than a few forum postings. Without your efforts, Crafty Tips would not have been able to reach the 1,000th submission. I thank you for your support and will continue to work hard to be worthy of your efforts on my behalf.

Several crafters have invested their advertising dollars with Crafty Tips and I am quite honored that you have done so. I truly hope that through the traffic and SEO benefits derived from your investment you have more than recouped that investment in new sales.

1,000 Submissions – woohoo. Now on to the next milestone; 1,000 listings!

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