In Search of Embellishments?

embellishments on Crafty TipsBefore you take a run to your local craft store and purchase some mass-produced embellishments or make do with a limited selection, you might want to check out the folks who have shared their websites and businesses with Crafty Tips.

This week, I have added a clever button maker. In addition to two artists making buttons from polymer clay and ceramics, today’s new addition is ZzzonkOwl, a newly opened Etsy shop.

zzzonkowlDorothy makes lovely fabric-covered buttons. You can purchase the buttons from her Etsy shop. She also takes her bright and colorful buttons and turns them into necklace pendants, like the collection shown here – act fast and they might be yours – Vintage black and white fabric button necklace. Her future plans include turning her buttons into earrings, pins, shoe clips, hairpins, thumbtacks and a variety of other doodads.

Don’t forget to check out the other great folks offering embellishments for your craft and sewing projects. You’ll find sources for flat-back crystals, rhinestones, trims, tassels and beads too.

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