Label Your Work

Ralph Loren, Prada and even Fruit of the Loom does it? Why shouldn’t you?

What am I talking about? Putting handcrafted by labels in and on your work.

The big corporations are putting their names and reputations on the line with each product they sell.

So why is that any different from when you sell one of your necklaces, handbags or other handmade masterpiece?

Speaking of masterpieces…don’t artists always sign their work with a signature or mark of some sort? Just because you are some little home-based business or even a growing empire doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t label your work too!

Think about why handcrafted by labels and tags are important – they build your brand and help bring customers back!

Those two things alone should be enough but when it comes to handmade clothing and bags, I don’t understand why every artisan doesn’t put labels on their products.

Go to any thrift or second hand store – isn’t it easy to identify clothing made by hand vs manufactured clothing? With sergers being priced affordably and more readily available, hand-made items can easily rival their mass-produced counterparts in quality and design. It’s not always raw edges or crooked seams that give away the handmade items, it’s a lack of a label that gives them away.

How about another situation where putting handcrafted by labels in your handmade items just makes common sense? Somehow one of your items finds it’s way into my hands. I really like the quality of your product and wish I could get more. With a label, I can go online and see what else you make. Of course, that assumes that your label says something like, “Handmade by One Orchid Designs” instead of “Handmade by Sally”.

So, should you include a handcrafted by label on your handmade items? Absolutely!

Have any label ideas you wish to share or stories of how putting a handcrafted by label on your products helped your business? I’d love to hear from you.

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