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One of the challenges of running a site like Reusable Art is that I often have categories that are not updated for long periods of time.

The Alphabets and Letter Images section is one of the most visited areas of the site. The vintage pictures in this group are drop caps. Drop caps are those pictures that include a letter that you often see in Bibles and other older books to introduce a chapter. People use them on webpages too. If you would like to learn how, I’ve posted a tutorial on my other site Help For Web Beginners. The tutorial will teach you how to Add Drop Caps to Webpages.

For the most part, I find individual fancy letters in old books and historical texts. Now and again I find a group of several matching letters.

But, today I found some of the most flexible of all of the styles of drop caps. The ones where the letter is framed by a drawing and any letter could easily be used in its place. There had been only three of this type of image on Reusable Art for several years. Today, I added six from the same set. They are all 93 pixels square and could easily be incorporated into scrapbook layouts, mixed media projects and even could be used as avatars.

I have yet to find a good word to call these drop caps but I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s one of the original images that I found.

See how the letter could easily be replaced?

And, who says it has to even look the same.

Here’s a few ways that one image could be used…

As you can see, the options are virtually limitless for this type of downloadable image.

If you use one of the thousands of images on Reusable Art, please let me know. I would love to see what wonderful things people are using them for.

Stay tuned for my next post which will let you know all about a wonderful set of vintage cross stitch letters I just posted on The Crafty Tipster.

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