Looking your best . . . why oh why crooked stitches abound?

With the huge surge in consumers looking for unusual and funky handbags, wristlets, and purses, many crafters and seamstresses have started making and selling these items. Many of these talented folks and their wares can be found in Handbags, Purses & Duffles category of Crafty Tips Arts and Crafts Directory.

For the most part their work is wonderfully creative and professional, but . . .. . . once in a while they might sew a seam that is uhm, shall we say a bit crooked. It is my inability to consistently sew in straight, smooth lines, particularly around corners that put a quick end to my visions of my own purse making empire. So, I am very aware of my own limitations in that regard and I expect even the most professional sewers do sometimes wobble their stitches a bit.

Show off your product, not it’s flaws

But, why would anyone wishing to sell these items take high-quality closeup photos of these boo-boos and make that the primary picture for that item on their shop or website? The perfectionist in me would not have left the crooked stitches (at least not without an adornment to hide them) in the first place – my seam ripper would have been quickly employed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in hiding things from our customers. But, why would anyone use a picture that is on angle with the crooked stitches so much in the forefront of the picture as to be glaring?

If you are going to leave the crooked stitches and they are in a place that is hard to miss, at least make the primary shop picture one that doesn’t highlight the stitches that went offline and instead highlights the coolness and wonderfulness of the item as a whole. Better yet, why not rip the stitches and avoid the issue in the first place?

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