Market It Right & You Can Sell Anything

As if we did not already know this, some people will buy anything. Others will even eat anything. What I find amazing is that there is someone out there who tried it first. What must have been going through the head of the first person to eat blowfish despite it’s highly poisonous bite? Who thought fermented grapes would make a lovely drink? But, how drunk or insane does one have to be to drink coffee made from poop?

That’s just what is happening in one of the latest crazy trends in the world of haute cuisine. Reuter’s described this product as “a earthy, syrupy, coffee acknowledged by connoisseurs as one of the world’s finest”.

But, really, cat poop? Even if that cat is beautiful and exotic, what person in their right mind would even consider taking kitty’s excrement and brewing anything from the undigested bits found in it – in this case undigested coffee beans? People have died from ingesting human excrement (Cryptosporidiosis anyone?). Do you think the first to taste this strange new brew considered that?

Oh, and how much can one expect to pay to drink this exotic coffee called Kopi Luwak? Oh, that would be a budget-busting $50-125 for a small-sized cup. Suddenly paying $6.00 for a mocha latte whatever doesn’t seem all that bad.

This one ranks right up there with the Pet Rock in ideas that seem ridiculous but quickly made some creative and bold entrepreneur front page news overnight.

Why do I bring this interesting new product up on a blog about crafts?

Simply to remind us all that no matter how crazy and ridiculous a product seems or how high the price there may just be people out there who will buy it.

May this strange new product encourage all of us to keep working hard on our creative endeavors and to remind us that crazy people, sorry I mean consumers, can be willing to part with big money for some of the strangest things when they are simply marketed the right way.

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