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It’s always exciting when someone submits their website to Crafty Tips – I so enjoy exploring a new site and seeing what wonderful projects to make or for sale are featured on the site. It’s even more exciting when someone submits a site that is worthy of a new category.

The talented photographer I profiled in my last post inspired the creation of the Art Photography Category.

I had originally planned on having art photographers submit their sites to the Cards & Stationary or the Home Decor Categories. My original thinking was that I didn’t want to be flooded with photography sites that are not all that art or craft related. I think by calling the new category Art Photography it is more clear that those sites listed are more about art and not about portraits.

The wedding photographer that submitted their site to Crafty Tips may be a bit disappointed; but, then again, their tip was a flattering compliment about Crafty Tips, but in no way could be considered a “crafty tip”.

If you have a website or online shop and are a Artistic Photographer, you might want to head on over and get some free advertising for your business. Remember, listings on Crafty Tips are in the order in which they are recieved so the early submittors will always be listed first.

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