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Once again, Christmas has become something we Christians are supposed to forego in the name of not offending anyone. As more and more Christmas events are renamed Holiday this and Winter that, our family has decided to take a stand. Granted, it’s a small one but still, it’s one we wanted to share and suggest others join.

As we do our Christmas shopping and enjoy other Christmas activities we are boycotting any restaurant that remains undecorated. No matter how hungry we are or how much we might have enjoyed their food in the past, those restaurants without a tree, wreath, bow or any sign of acknowledging the holiday are hereby banned forever from receiving our patronage.

Sure, I know every inch of space counts in many restaurants and other establishments. But, putting a wreath on the door takes up no space. Putting a few ribbons or bows on your checkout stand also takes up no space. You managed to find space to hang a poster advertising your “holiday meal deal” or “fried holiday turkeys” but you found not one inch of wall, floor or counter space to acknowledge the same holiday you hope to profit from.

Yes, you new fish restaurant in town, that means you. Yes, you local KFC which had decorated in previous years, no more business from us! Yes, we were the ones peaking in your windows the other day, only to return to our car and leave. We’re done. You are hereby boycotted! We are taking our money elsewhere. For two southern restaurants to not have even one red bow is ridiculous. You are bowing to the will of a small, vocal minority who wants to undermine what so many of us hold dear. You are ignoring your core customer base for fear of offending one or two people. Well, my family is offended!

Kudos to the Bojangles in Weaverville, NC. Not only did you have a lovely tree but you had ribbons and bows all over the dining area as well as charming little Christmas floral arrangements on every table. Even the serving line was decorated with a Christmas village even with, gasp, oh the horrors, a church. With beige woodwork and gazebo-like decor decorated for Christmas, Bojangles looked like a restaurant in the middle of Disney World rather than a fast-food restaurant in western North Carolina. O’Charley’s in Hendersonville – you’re on our nice list too. A Christmas tree in the foyer and other decorations too – not as much as Bojangles, but certainly a nice effort!

The Black Forest restaurant in Arden has been decorated in pure German tradition! The employees have decorated trees in every room in the place – 7, we’re told. We saw four of the rooms and the lounge and they all looked like something out of Southern Living magazine. The tree in the main dining room had to be at least 15 or 20 feet tall! Lunch was yummy and we so enjoyed the atmosphere, complete with Christmas music, including hymns!

There are probably many more restaurants in the area that have decided to celebrate Christmas. Area McDonald’s, Golden Corral and a seafood restaurant in Asheville among them. The three listed were simply the most memorable.

I’m sick and tired of one or two people pushing their agenda and ruining things for everyone else. I’m done worrying about political correctness that is one-sided. And, I’m done giving my hard-earned money to people who wish to destroy everything this wonderful country was founded upon.

Merry Christmas and God Bless America!

UPDATE: I thought I would wander over to Ravelry and suggest others join on my little quiet revolution. Little did I know that I would quickly be bombarded with attacks and told to basically stuff it. I’m so angry and disappointed that I’m shaking. The same crafters and others who hope to profit each year from their Christmas sales think it’s OK to bow to political correctness and not publicly celebrate the holiday. Will be interesting to see if they are all still on about people being able to do what they wish when the PC crowd and others who wish to destroy everything this great country was built upon are finished destroying all of our traditions.

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