New Site to Advertise Pet – Related Items

Late yesterday I launched a new website called Pet Site Guides. Pet Site Guides is a directory site, similar to Crafty Tips, which shares great websites with visitors that are divided into categories to make them easier to find.

Pet Site Guides allows website owners up to 3 deeplinks to sections of their sites that are about pets. Unlike Crafty Tips, there is no additional requirement of submitting a tip – so, this site is TOTALLY FREE!

Links like Crafty Tips and Pet Site Guides offer are a wonderful way to boost your search engine placement and will ultimately help in getting more people to find out about you and what you sell.

Like Crafty Tips, Pet Site Guides offers free and paid advertising options. So, all of you crafters who make things to be used for or by animals, be sure to grab your spot on both sites. It’s free and will help more visitors to find what you sell!

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