New Year, Old Goals

You know it’s bad when you go back to a project you shelved and realize it’s been almost a year, 345 days, since you last worked on it.

Sadly, for me, the project is a site redesign for Crafty Tips and is way overdue. A new software release has finally pushed me to drag out the old files and get back to coding the new layout.

All of what makes Crafty Tips special are staying – easy navigation, a collection of useful crafting websites and of course all of those awesome crafting tips everyone shared.

What hopefully will disappear are those content boxes that are not resizing properly since the last IE upgrade and what I think is a somewhat dreary appearance.

What will be new is larger pictures and a layout that makes the pictures really stand out and be consistent among each of the listings. One design I’m playing with will allow for both a screen shot and a product shot. I plan on expanding the details pages to include great things like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networking info as well as some other things I’m still working on.

Until I get everything in place, the current listings will remain online and I will continue to accept new submissions. Once the new design is launched, I will be contacting everyone for their social networking info and providing the opportunity for everyone to update their current listings.

Stay tuned for more announcements as things get further along.

I’ve also come across a wizz-bang Firefox add-on that I’m just loving. Will talk about it if anyone’s interested.

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