Pet Food Recalls 2008

Just when we thought that it was safe to go into the grocery store, we hear of another round of food recalls. This time it’s all about babies – the human kind and the furry kind.

After the deadly pet foods that were released on an unsuspecting public last year and were met with lackluster action by the federal government, we now sadly have round two. So far several WalMart house brands of pet food are involved and the list appears to be growing. Even more worrisome is that this time the same ingredients that are killing our pets have also been used in baby formula.

The inclusion of cheap fillers has unfortunately been with us for many years. The fact that some manufacturers are using spoiled ingredients and poisonous chemicals as these fillers should be unacceptable, yet it continues unabated.

I would suggest to pet owners that it is past time to make it clear that this blatant disregard for both human and animal life has to be stopped. Until the FDA and the food manufacturers take action, our household will be making out own food for our babies. Check out Free Baby Food Recipes and Free Pet Food Recipes to find great recipes to ensure that your babies eat healthy, untainted food that you make in your own kitchen.

If you don’t have the time to cook for your babies, please educate yourself and avoid those products that are being recalled as past experience has shown that retail stores are not always as vigilant as they need to be when it come to removing tainted products from their shelves. When it came to the last round of pet food recalls, we found several recalled products still on the shelves – though to be fair the list grew so fast and was quite long that it would seem likely that stores even with the most diligent employees were likely to miss a few.

Check out FDA Recall List for information or online news resources for the latest round of recalls.

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