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Hi to anyone who may be sticking with me here! Been a busy few weeks. Seems like its always feast or famine with my writing clients – everyone needing something at once leaves little time for blogging. But, hey someone’s gotta help pay to keep the lights on around here.

Anyway, found this great photography resource while working on my experimental site Online Degree Discussion. (Site moved to Free Textbook List

If you haven’t visited my site before, it’s a great place to find information and links to free college textbooks. (I’ve included the tables of contents from each textbook so students can search for a particular book, author or topic.)

A few weeks ago I came across this great resource. While it’s not really a match for my site, I though since so many of us have so much trouble taking nice photos of our handmade items that this article/e-book on photography might be of use –

Haven’t had the time to really read it over. Hope someone finds it useful!

Have any great photography tips you would be willing to share?

The only one I have is to cover up the lens with your hand while you are positioning a shot. Because most diggies are auto-focus, as you move around the room it keeps trying to focus on what it sees. I found out by accident that this re-focusing can take up quite a bit of your battery charge. Cover the lens with your hand and watch how much longer the battery lasts between charges!

A few suggestions for further reading...

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