Purple Pink and Orange is Closing

In a move that is sure to disappoint many, the online Indie shop Purple Pink and Orange is closing. Those in the Indie scene have come to know PPAO as a great place to consign their work.

The good news is that until the end of this month PPAO is having a clearance sale. The Indie designers who have been participating in this great consignment shop have agreed to mark-down their consigned items by a whopping 40%. Be sure to get that special and unique gift before they’re gone! Christmas in July might be the common phrase, but this time it’s “Colorful and Creative in May”.

I look forward to see what Amy has up her sleeve as it would seem unlikely that we have seen the last of her work. I wish her and the designers on her site continued success as they transition to new projects.

Be sure to check it out by visiting Purple, Pink and Orange.

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