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It absolutely drives me crazy when I have to beg for information about a business. Whether online or off, when I buy something I want to know if I can return or exchange it. This is particularly true when the item is sized, has multiple parts, or requires electric or batteries to make it work.

Many crafters and artisans seem to avoid talking about returns and exchanges. I guess some are hoping if they don’t talk about refunds and exchanges, their customers won’t ask for one?

When it comes to any transaction where goods, services, and/or money are exchanged it is a good idea to provide specifics as to when and if returns and exchanges are acceptable. Document who pays for shipping and if a restocking fee is required. I’m not a big fan of restocking fees. I was told when I bought my last computer that if I returned it for any reason I would incur such a fee – even if the computer was returned because it did not work properly. Outrageous!

If you are selling from a website, remember that what is on your website at the time of a purchase essentially becomes a contract. Whatever policies you identify govern the transaction. If you don’t have any listed policies, you open yourself up to negotiations and trouble down the road.

I am much more likely to buy from someone who tells me all of their policies up front. Buying online or from a catalog removes my ability to truly inspect the item. In both of those cases, a returns and exchange policy become critical to me.

Why not simply take some time to document your policies and take the further step of reminding folks about your policies whenever they make a purchase?

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