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Rubber stamping, scrapbooking and paper crafts have always intrigued me but my oh-so-limited drawing skills have made a little easier to “just say no” to all the pretty papers, inks, embossing powders and stamps. After all, I already have enough beads, yarn and fabric to stock a small store. The idea of starting a new craft that requires a whole new set of supplies would be a bit foolhardy on my part considering my current financial situation. I do find these paper crafts fascinating and admire the folks who can make beautiful cards and other works of art.

While looking for some new rubber stamping sites to add to Crafty Tips, I discovered a great way for rubber stampers, scrapbookers and paper artists to share their creations and challenge themselves to be even more creative – weekly challenge sites.

The weekly challenges are a clever way some rubber stamping companies and other artists are promoting the art of rubber stamping. These challenge sites have a weekly theme, pattern or must use image and then the artists are challenged to come up with something wonderful following that week’s rules. The results are absolutely amazing! Many of the creations are then posted on the original site and a prize is awarded to a favorite design or via a random draw.

In the Rubber Stamping category I have added a new section called Rubber Stamping Challenges. There’s three great sites listed there now and I plan on adding more in the weeks to come.

Whether you are a rubber stamping god or goddess or are someone who simply admires those who are, be sure to check out these great sites and be inspired by all of the creativity on display.

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