Score 1 for The Good Guys

I can make that! I wrote that! My daughter wrote that, ain’t she smart?

It seems like an endless battle to fight the scammers, thieves and other no-good-knicks that STEAL from others.

Just when I thought I had gotten the content theft occurring on my Foods Not Safe for Pets article under control, I found yet another cretin posting the article in it’s entirety on Yahoo! Answers. And for good measure, she claimed her daughter who was attending veterinarian school provided the list – ah nice, a liar and a thief.

According to one of my new Twitter friends, in a recent Etsy feature on weddings, one of the “artisans” featured populated her shop with stolen photographs and created listings using them stating that they could make a copy of the designer dress in the image for some fee. Under mounting pressure from the Tweets, comments and other discussions; Etsy has apparently closed the offending shop.

Well, that’s one for the good guys. Now I’m off to see about yet another DMCA notice and updating that page to make it clear that people should stop posting my entire article on Yahoo!

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