Sheesh, Humans are Stupid

hapiHapi here. Michele hasn’t let me say much in a while but recent news has really got my dander up. The idea that some silly scientist in California wants my mommies to ban me from their beds – like that’s gonna happen.

Plague? Get real people.

If you read between all the hype and nonsense of this gibberish, it boils down to common sense. If you sleep with a sick animal, you might get sick too. The one reported case (that’s been released from the study thus far) of a human contracting the plague supposedly from sleeping with their pet is that of a young boy who slept with a flea infested pet cat. Why would anyone let a flea-infested animal in their bed or the bed of their child in the first place? If nothing else, who wants their bedding full of fleas, eggs and larvae? I don’t.

Flea-infested pet? Who does that? Sure I hate being treated for fleas like the next cat, but it’s far better then letting them nasty buggers run loose on my beautiful self and drive me half insane with itchiness. That’s why I stay inside – no fleas there and none on my glorious body either.

Even I know where plague comes from and it’s not my fellow felines. Plague comes from fleas that prefer unsanitary conditions and rats. The plague outbreaks in London happened when raw sewage flowed in the streets. I know for a fact my sister and I have never been someplace like that. Again, who does that to their pets?

Do you really need a study to tell you if you are near a sick animal, mishandle our feces or allow us to ingest feces that there could be problems? Do you also need to be told that if you allow a child to sleep in the same bed with another child suffering from a cold that both children will probably end up becoming sick? It does appear that you humans continually need reminders that mishandling the feces and soiled diapers of your children can lead to a variety of nasty illnesses. My feces, just like your own, can carry contagions – yeah – big news there.

Cat scratch fever is indeed something people can get from us. Guess what? It’s linked to fleas too. The other conditions mentioned in the findings are also related to parasitic infections. Don’t these people love their pets enough to take care of them properly?

So, when you boil it down to the bottom line – parasites can cause disease, humans who do not take proper care of their pets and let them become infected with parasites might become ill from those same parasites. Well, duh.

Now go away and let me finish my nap on my mommy’s nice warm bed.

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