So What!!?? Who Cares?

When it comes to most things in life, it’s the children who often can quickly get to the heart of the matter. They are still too young and innocent to worry about political correctness, ego, or sometimes even being polite.

With their bottom lip stuck out in a pout, children will often say in response to being told something, “So?”.

So, honestly ask yourself, does your sales pitch answer that not-so-childish question – so what?

All too often a business website and it’s sales pitch is a so what. It fails to convey anything special about that company or it’s products and services and does absolutely nothing to make the sale.

You know PhotoShop. So what? I know PhotoShop too. But I can’t do anything all that special with it and certainly can’t do anything worth charging for.

You sell paintings. So what? So does Wal-Mart.

You’ve worked for XYZ, the biggest company in your industry. So what? You could have been a janitor.

Starting to get the point here?

It’s those pesky details that turn a sales pitch from a “so what, who cares” to a powerful enticement for someone to spend their money with you.

Who cares about that anyway?

Who cares that you know how to hang drywall? I’m looking for a writer. (Yes, I actually do know how to hang drywall.)

Who cares that you know how to build a website? I need someone to install my network.

Who cares that you have 20 years experience? You customer does, but only if you bother to tell them what that experience is in.

Answer who cares and you are answering why someone should hire your services or buy from you.

Quite simple really. Children often have the best ideas.

Now go back and read over your site’s sales content and keep asking yourself, “So what, who cares?” If the answer isn’t already on the page, you’d best get to writing.

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