Spring Has Sprung!

After weeks and weeks of gloomy weather interspersed with only a day or two of sunshine, it’s finally spring!

Mom and I refuse to grow up and still exchange Easter baskets. As we get older, the ratio of candy to stuffed animals and what-nots has shifted greatly towards the sugar-free option.

We continued our new Easter tradition by taking a Sunday drive and enjoying this beautiful place where we live called North Carolina. It was a glorious day for driving with the windows down and just soaking in the sunshine. Colorful new growth and flowers were sprouting up everywhere. Our NC mountains might be attractive to fall color seekers but some of the prettiest colors come in the spring when the new leaves offer a kaleidoscope of greens, oranges, reds and some yellows on a backdrop of the dark green pines, cedars and evergreens.

During our search for the road less traveled we spotted a number of families outside having Easter egg hunts with the Daddy’s helping the children find the eggs and other treats. So many Daddy’s are out of the home or are fiendishly busy and it was such a nice thing to see children and their Daddy’s together for Easter.

Speaking of things being sprung, my blog has apparently shown up somewhere as a great place to spam. In a two day period, over 120 spam-filled comments were left for sites offering everything from advertising programs to that drug for men that starts with a V and ends with an A. The irony is that while spammers have gotten a little more clever about crafting comments that blog owners might fall for and keep, they still fall easy prey to WordPress’s AskKismet spam filters. [insert evil sound effect of a witch cackling]

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