Spyware Warning

Yes, this is a bit outside what I usually talk about; but these sorts of folks need to be stopped.

I was checking the visitor and referral logs for several of my websites. When I kept seeing the same site appearing in sites with a wide variety of topics, I thought I should see what it was.

So, I cut and pasted the link (don’t ever click on it directly if you want to protect the location of where your site’s stats are located; one free service was not properly protecting it’s users and I was able to get into the account without doing anything more than using the link of the referrer) and before I had lifted my finger off the Enter Key my Spyware software went nuts. It appears this site is a well-known site for infecting people’s computers with spyware. So well known in fact that it is included in my spyware software as a site to look out for. Nice.

Clever of them.

The reason they caught my eye in my stats is that they had sent me 4-5 hits so far this month. (I usually don’t bother with the single hits as so very many of them are just spammers.)

So, please be careful.

The site?

ismymovies dot com

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