Clear Pricing

Whether selling crafts in person or online, eventually every customer will want to know the same thing – “How much?”. Interested customers when shopping in the real world, otherwise known as offline, have the ability to ask you how much something costs. Internet shoppers are left with the option of putting the item in the […]

Web Site Navigation

Web site navigation is about more than how cool or stylish your menus look. Web site navigation is about creating clear and obvious routes for your site’s visitors to get from one page to another. I was recently working with a crafter on upgrading her website. Her husband was her webmaster and while his skills […]

Returns & Exchanges

It absolutely drives me crazy when I have to beg for information about a business. Whether online or off, when I buy something I want to know if I can return or exchange it. This is particularly true when the item is sized, has multiple parts, or requires electric or batteries to make it work. […]

Selling Purses Online

In an earlier blog post, Writing Product Descriptions, I talked in somewhat general terms about marketing hand-crafted items on the Internet and how product descriptions are a major component for actually making the sale. In the past week or so, on two different craft forums I frequent, people have asked for help with their online […]

The Art of a Linkable Website

A recent conversation on a webmaster forum got me thinking about making a site linkable. A linkable site can help grow your business by getting higher results in the search engines and greater name recognition. I won’t go into why links are important; not sure if I will save that for another day, or just […]

12 Tips on Writing Tutorials

How to write a how to? After years of technical support and suffering with poorly written technical documents, I began my second career as a technical writer. Now, in what I guess is my third career as a writer and business consultant, I am offering some advice to crafters who wish to add some free […]