Promotion vs. Shameless Plug

It’s so very tempting. Drop that link, stuff a signature, or spam people’s blogs. But, when does something migrate from promotion to shameless plug and should we even worry about if it does? First let me define how I see the terms promotion and shameless plug as variations on a theme. To me, promotion is […]

Shared Blogging, Shared Inspiration, Shared Marketing

Hi All, I’m back after a bit of a long Labor Day Weekend. I should be back on track for my Wednesday and Sunday postings now. Shared Blogging I’ve noticed a new trend in blogging – shared or collective blogging. Groups of artisans are getting together and sharing their ideas and inspiration in the form […]

Web Site Navigation

Web site navigation is about more than how cool or stylish your menus look. Web site navigation is about creating clear and obvious routes for your site’s visitors to get from one page to another. I was recently working with a crafter on upgrading her website. Her husband was her webmaster and while his skills […]

Promoting All of Your Etsy Shop

In case you haven’t come across it yet, is one of many great options for crafters to sell their hand-crafted items online without the need of a full-fledged website. Many Etsians (those crafters who are members of Etsy) know that they have to promote their Etsy shop just like any other website. Let me […]

New Site to Advertise Pet – Related Items

Late yesterday I launched a new website called Pet Site Guides. Pet Site Guides is a directory site, similar to Crafty Tips, which shares great websites with visitors that are divided into categories to make them easier to find. Pet Site Guides allows website owners up to 3 deeplinks to sections of their sites that […]