Thanksgiving & Much to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving isn’t just for people. It’s a great time for kitties to give thanks too. We’ve only lived in our current home for the past year. Our new mommies promised our old family pictures and an update on how we are doing so I asked Michele if I could write our old family a letter. My little sister Tali and I are so very happy in our new home and are so very thankful that we have such a great home.

This is way longer than most of my posts but I hope our former family will be glad that we are so happy and it will also tell you more about me and my sister.

Dear Former Family,

Hello, remember us?

We are so happy in our new home and so very thankful that we’re still together. It was very scary when we left your house. We didn’t like the whole box in the car thing. When they finally let us out, we sniffed all of the new things and explored our new home. When they tried to touch us we ran as fast as we could down this long hallway. We skidded around the corner on the wood floor and realized weeeee that was fun. We do it all the time now.

They hadn’t finished putting their Christmas tree away and the bare tree was still in the living room with fluffy white stuff on a sheet. We liked the fluffy stuff but they took that away. But there was this sheet still under the tree.We jumped and played on the sheet so much they let us keep it even though they put the tree away. We have so much fun sliding into it, hiding under it and beating it up. Silly Tali chases her tail and stomps on it through the sheet. She seems like she’s having fun but looks so silly when she falls over. I like the sheet too but Tali hogs it.

We were scared when we first came here so we slept together on this really soft blanket on one of their beds.

It is on the one called Michele’s bed. Don’t tell Michele but we like the blanket more than we liked being on her bed. The blanket is so soft and squishy.

We would bathe each other but bratty Tali didn’t always like where I licked her and would sometimes smack me.

Michele didn’t like it too much when we would play patty-cake on her feet and yelled at us to stop fighting. I didn’t like it when she yelled at us. She blamed me most of the time. Sometimes I did start it but Tali started it more than I did. I think Michele likes Tali better than me.

Now the only time we sleep together is when we hide under the Michele’s mother’s bed when it rains or thunders and sometimes for an afternoon nap.

Even sleeping, Tali’s such a ham.

Tali seems to like Michele better.

She often sleeps with her and hangs around with her during the day. When Michele sits on the couch Tali lays on a squishy pillow and usually has her backside on part of Michele’s leg.

I like Michele’s mother better and sleep with her, she’s my favorite mommy. I like her so much that I even give her love bites but she doesn’t seem to like them very much. But, she pets and loves me anyway and doesn’t yell at me anymore when I love on her.

I have so much fun driving Michele crazy by not ever purring for her. I purr if my favorite Mommy even looks at me but I refuse to indulge the other one. Though I do let both of them know when I want something by using one of my many meows. I have fun with that too because they never get the same meow twice so they don’t really know what I want so they give me everything. Hee hee.

They gave me a neat new name, Hapi. I like my new name but still only answer when I feel like it.

Our new mommies treat us really good except that they won’t let us drink out of a spigot anymore. But they have given us so many different cups and bowls to drink out of that we get plenty to drink – our favorite is a cat-sized silver cooking pot. Tali seems to not understand how to drink properly and is always walking around with water drops on her chin. How undignified. Our mommies for some strange reason think it’s sooooo cute. I think she just looks silly.

I even sit in my favorite mommy’s bathroom sink looking my cutest but the meany still won’t let me drink from the spigot. She does pet me though and says how cute and beautiful I look. She has been weakening lately and if I am persistent enough sometimes she lets the water run for me.

While it was still warm outside we spent most mornings at the back door watching Tazzie, a feral cat they feed outside and a bunch of noisy red birds. We even get to sit on a red bench. I admit that sometimes I sit on it so that Tali can’t fit. But she seems to not care and just sits on the floor nearby.

It’s too cold now for us to sit at the backdoor but they have this great enclosed porch where we can look at birds in the trees.

We love watching the birds and whenever we hear them we run to the back door to see what they are doing now.

They never let us go outside or in this dark place called the basement. But, we still have plenty of places to run, play and hide anyway.

Along with Tazzie and the cardinals, we also have squirrels and chipmunks to watch. Some of our squirrel friends are gray and some are white. Never saw white squirrels before we lived here. I like them best because they are easier to see.

Our new home is really cool.

It has a long hallway on one side and a big room on the other. We run around and around chasing our new mommies and each other. We have so much fun.

They hide from us behind the walls, then we sneak up on them and we chase each other. They play with us every night and in the mornings too and even sometimes in the middle of the day.

Michele is my favorite playmate but I refuse to sing or purr for her anyway because I think she likes Tali more than me.

We are a bit messy here since they let us have so many cool toys. Our toys are everywhere. Handmade mice, finger puppets and a stick with a bell on the end of a fuzzy thing are our favorites. They even buy us both the same toys so we each have one thinking we wouldn’t fight over them that way. Personally, I attack whatever toy is moving and don’t really care if it’s mine or not.

Tali seems to think that one of the puppets is her baby and she carries it around and flips herself over and tosses it across the room. I have to be careful that I’m not nearby otherwise she jumps on me too. The little brat even jumps on the middle of my back when I am not looking. I still love her anyway. But, I don’t like it so much when she leaves her puppet in our food bowl.

They give us the same yummy food you did but keep putting this weird mess in front of us. We have so far refused to eat any of that weird stuff they call people food. And we’re not too fond of that wet mushy stuff that comes in cans that they give to Tazzie either.

They gave Tali this really neat bed.

She was always in it and I was so jealous until they brought one for me too.

I love my bed but Tali now seems to like it too.

I taught her to stay out of my bed and go back to hers. But, she is sneaky about it because she gets in my bed when I’m helping my favorite mommy use her computer. I even help her stay awake when it’s late by tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention.

She yelps like I scare her and then laughs hysterically – so much fun. And I think I’ve finally convinced Tali to stay out of my bed.

(Notice the ugly thing on my head. Michele made it for us to play with and we have so much fun not playing with it – drives her crazy. The nerve of putting that goofy thing on my head, if she keeps insulting me like that, I’ll never sing for her.)

Michele crochets all the time. I wanted to make sure she made no more ugly hats for me so I hid her books.

Hopefully, she won’t find them if I sit on them.

I’m still scared of loud storms and I hide under the bed if it rains. Tali is braver than I am but does join me under the bed if the thunder gets too loud.

Sometimes I hide in this cool corner in Michele’s closet underneath her dresses. It took them a long time to find my hiding place but Tali still hasn’t found it. It’s a great place for an afternoon nap.

I like hiding in the other closets too. My favorite one is the linen closet. Whenever they leave it open, I quickly jump and hide behind the towels before they close the doors. They yell at me to get out but I don’t care, I do it anyway.

Michele is on the porch most of the day with her computer when the weather is nice.

Tali keeps her company and likes looking out the windows. I have to admit she looks really pretty in this picture.

(Mommy wants me to tell you that the woodwork is all the same color and not the way it looks in the picture. She’s worried that you might think it really looks that way. I’ve used this picture anyway because Tali looks so cute on the edge of the couch.)

They sit out on the porch at night when they are watching TV.

Bugs fly around the windows at night in the summertime. Tali loves chasing them. She can’t seem to figure out that she’ll never catch them.

I like the porch too.

When the sun is out I like to hide behind the chair and sleep in the sunshine.

Sometimes Tali joins me but the spot behind the chair is mine!

That’s one thing that I won’t share with my little sister! My spots in the sunshine.

I have my favorite sunny spots all through the house. You could almost tell the time by where I sit on sunny days. The room where Michele has her desk is my favorite! It gets the most sun and the carpet gets so nice and toasty warm.

Michele has a messy desk but Tali likes to be with her when she works. Tali’s such a ham.

I sit with Michele sometimes underneath her desk where she can’t reach me.

I put on my sweet little me face and meow at her and she talks to me. She sometimes calls me yacky-puss because I meow so much.

Michele sometimes calls Tali wacky-puss. Makes sense. Tali chases her tail like a dog and even stomps on it. What a silly kitty she is.

Tali gets into more trouble than I do.

She knocked this fabric wreath off the wall and then decided it would make a neat place for a nap. Only thing was that the dumb dumb let herself get caught and even posed for pictures.

Perhaps we should call her dopey-puss instead.

We’re very happy here. Our two new mommies love us very much and treat us so nice. We don’t have any more fleas and we are the only fur-babies in the house. They’re not totally trained yet, but they pretty much let us do what we want. Still working on the whole spigot thing and I would really like to explore that basement of theirs.

Thank you for finding us such a great new home!



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