The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

The war to end all wars. If only those strong words uttered at the end of World War I had been true.

It is perhaps on Veteran’s Day more so than any other day of the year that we as a family shed our tears for our beloved veteran. His service came during World War II with the OSS and it left him with scars physical and mental he wore his entire life. His death in 1999 let him accept his final duty to guard the gates of heaven – he was a proud US Marine of course.

While listening to our local talk radio talk show, who was in their second day of honoring our active duty and veteran soldiers (the first day was Friday) another listener mentioned a website where the idea is to create a Soldier’s Wall of photos of the wonderful men and women who currently serve, have been killed in action, or previously served.

The site is a giant photo album of proud men and women in uniform and who are being honored by friends and family. It gladdens my heart that there are so many young people out there that are willing to serve and know exactly what they are serving for. There’s also a forum where family members, members of the military and friends can share information and ideas.

The site is: The Soldiers Wall

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