Timeliness of Content

One of the biggest ways to turn away a potential customer is to announce that you haven’t updated your site in a while.

In my meanderings around the web the other day, I came upon a site where the webmaster stated that they would be traveling and attending shows during the month of August and were essentially shutting down the website for the month of August.

Sounds like a good idea to let prospective customers know that you are not currently accepting orders – only problem; it’s OCTOBER!

What happened? Did the site owner do so well in August that they sold out of stock; or have they simply abandoned the site?

Either way; they have come up with the perfect way how not to get customers.

We’re Slow Here

This site was last updated… fill in the date. Pick one 2 – 3 months old and tell your prospect not only did you not add any inventory, but you didn’t sell any either. Lie if you have to, but don’t let what’s supposed to be a positive shout to your customers – NOTHING NEW HERE, MIGHT AS WELL LEAVE.

We Don’t Keep Current

Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, Easter Specials, and any other date-related decorations, greetings, or sales can hurt you. Check out our Easter Specials no longer seems so special when it’s August.

Unless you are selling wholesale and your customers are buying months in advance; take down the date-related pictures, sales, or greetings before they become an eyesore.

We Have A Site – Ain’t that good enough?

Meet us at the 2003 Christmas Holiday Show. Uhm, a little late – it’s 2006. Are you really expecting someone to buy from you when you just announced you haven’t updated your site for 3 years?

This Ain’t You? Is it?

Please tell me you don’t need someone to tell you this. HELLO??? Anyone home? Are you operating a business here or are your just taking up space?

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