Tutorial Thursday

Hi All,

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday. But, it gives me an excuse to check out what great things all of you are creating.

Yes, I’m sorry there’s only two this week. Between an Internet connection that won’t stay connected and still not having anyone sending in their tutorials, this week just seems meant to be a short one.

Personally, I think the two sites being showcased this week offer so many great projects that you really won’t have time to visit any other sites.

The Toy Maker

I absolutely love this site. So many wonderful paper crafts to download and print. This oh-so-cute printable is a pair of bears and their wagon and is only one of the many great toys, gift boxes and other projects you’ll find.

Ruby’s Bead Work

Wonderful bracelet design explaining a variation of the Herringbone weave. Ruby offers a number of well-illustrated beading patterns like this one.

A few suggestions for further reading...

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