Why do they bother?

I know, I’ve been remiss on my posting. It has been a busy past few months. Writing, writing, writing – for clients that is.

In between the emails with clients and potential clients were the same disgusting spam messages for all sorts of lotions and potions to make relations between a man and a woman, well you get the idea.

What seems incredible to me is that these folks are coming to my site each day and filling in my contact form (yeah, I know that can be automated) and sending me their filth. Yet, despite not getting the least bit of indication that their efforts are working, they continue to bombard me. The cynic in me laughs at their efforts and hope they are spending more money trying to woo me than they are making from the suckers who are falling for their snake oil.

But, my favorites are those spammy emails where the geniuses forget to mention their product or include a link. So, their entire effort is completely for naught. Not only are these people idiot spammers they are just plain idiots. Gotta love it.

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