Buttons for a Tutorial

I always find it the highest compliment when someone approaches me and asks to be part of my Blog About Crafts. When they come bearing gifts, I am even more flattered.

She probably thinks that I’ve blown her off but I’m having a meltdown of sorts. I get to visit their button site and pick out anything I want. Nothing is off limits and the budget they gave me allows me to purchase quite a few buttons. I should be excited. For once I don’t have to settle for someone else’s cast offs at a thrift store or the ones that no one wanted that are thrown on the clearance pile. I should have picked out my buttons days ago. Instead, I keep putting off answering her email and spending more time on a project than I have in a long time and have absolutely nothing to show for all those hours I’ve spent trolling their online catalog.

There’s just so many cool things that can be done with buttons. Even looking at this stock photo I’ve found has me thinking what I could do with someone else’s collection of buttons.

I’m having trouble narrowing down a project and even more trouble deciding what color it should be. After all, I can do anything. So many ideas to try. So much freedom. So much indecision. I could make one of those cool button trees. I could make several crazy-quilt style embroidered pins. I could make crazy-quilt style embroidered Christmas ornaments. Oh such a conundrum.

Should I reserve some of my budget to get some buttons for eyes for my second sock monkey or should I stick with one big project that I could hang on the wall like a button tree. But, if I make just one thing, what if it turns out dorky looking? Yes, PJ (see Zendoodling), the inner critic is out in full force. I need to spend more time with you to get it to shut up.

This is the second time I’m writing this post (thank you Firefox, Java, Adobe, AT & T, Microsoft or whatever the heck was responsible for Firefox locking up and crashing, yet again). The decision to rewrite this post was far easier than picking out buttons from an online catalog full of thousands of wonderful buttons. Who would have thought that being recognized for having a great blog by someone would so easily send me off on a journey to the funny farm?

Hopefully, in the next day or so, I’ll screw my head on straight and figure out what I’m going to do. Hopefully, shortly after that you’ll see the fruits of my labors. If not, let’s hope the funny farm at least has some great apples or something I could use. Hmmmmmm, if I had a bunch of apples I could make a pie, cobbler, cake, strudel and oh there are those wonderful apple chips I thought sounded good…someone, anyone, please save me from myself.

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