Craft Tutorial Thursday – March 22, 2012

This week’s Craft Tutorial Thursday is think spring and paper crafting. With the first day of spring come and gone and unseasonably warm weather, it’s no wonder that my blog reader has fewer posts this week.

The good news is that three wonderful crafters, who have been heavily featured on Blog About Crafts (they just make so much cool stuff, that I have a hard time not including them each week), have given us great projects for spring and paper crafts.

Be sure to dig a little deeper into each of their sites as they offer many wonderful craft tutorials, printables and craft ideas in addition to the ones that I’ve shared on Craft Tutorial Thursday and Featured Artist Friday.


What a wonderful gift from Hani on only the second day of spring!

Her collection of spring flower printable photos is so bright and colorful.

All of the lovelies in the group grew in her garden last year – oh what a lovely and magical place that must be. Her photographs rival those I’ve seen lately on the stock photo sites and even if you don’t need any flower photos, you might want to visit just to look at all of her beautiful pictures.

free printable flower photographs from craftionary

Sweetly Scrapped Art

I wish I knew her secret. Where does Emily find the many wonderful vintage images that she shares with us each week. This week it’s, vintage Easter images.

From cute little yellow chicks, white rabbits playing instruments to images which remind us why we celebrate Easter, there’s something for everyone in this group.

Of the collection this one’s my favorite. Not sure what a bunch of cute baby birds flying in a blimp has to do with Easter, but it this lovely and colorful vintage greeting card that caught my eye. And, like Emily usually does, she took the image and created several variations that anyone can download and use in their own projects.

Wee Folk Art

A bit of origami and geometry come together in this fun family craft from Wee Folk Art.

Sharing an idea from a charming children’s book on the designing of the American flag, Michelle shares a fun tutorial on how to make a perfect 5-pointed star.

The tutorial seemed simple enough that I thought it would be fun to give it a go. So the picture shown here is my own attempt. Since my larger scissor seems to be AWOL, I used my trusty child-safe scissors (seems somehow appropriate with this craft tutorial anyway), and came up with this yellow beauty.

Seems like this tutorial would work great with virtually any sized-rectangular piece of paper and could easily be used to create a template for quilting or other craftiness.

my attempt at 5-pointed star tutorial from weefolkart

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