Free Advertising for Crafters

I’ve talked before about a variety of ways to get free advertising and backlinks. If you are a repeat visitor to this blog, you probably already know about Crafty Tips, my arts and crafts directory.

But, did you know that there’s a special category to showcase other websites that offer free or paid advertising to crafters? A recent submission reminded me that perhaps, as the last category on the main menu, many folks may not see this section. Other Advertising Options for Crafters is a place where websites that offer free and paid advertising can list their websites. Crafty Tips visitors should be sure to check out the sites listed there as they are all designed to help promote your website or online shop just like Crafty Tips does.

Additionally, I’m building something of an article directory/tutorial website called The Crafty Tipster were crafters and artisans are invited to share project ideas and patterns. All articles include an author’s box with full attribution.

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