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gluing and adhesive tipsThere are a number of Crafting Tips that cross several types of crafting. Tips on using glues and adhesives has applications across many different types of arts and crafts.

The gluing tips in this article have all come from talented crafters around the world. They had websites, blogs and shops that were listed on Crafty Tips. Unfortunately, they discontinued their online activities and their sites are gone. Rather than let all of their great gluing tips go to waste, I’ve been keeping them for years with the intention of publishing a how-to post that shares them.

Finally, I’ve posted them all here in one place where hopefully, other crafters can learn from them.

Selecting the Right Adhesive or Glue

Hot glue does not work for everything – if you are working on a non-porous surface like tin or plastic, try using “Goop” brand glue. Always experiment with the glue and check what it looks like once it is dried – you don’t want to find out the hard way the the glue doesn’t hold or looks unsightly!

Gluing Jewelry

One jewelry maker supplied this gluing tip…Whenever I use glue on something, I let it dry overnight before proceeding with project, even if it supposedly sets in 10 minutes.

Tip for Gluing Smooth Items

What helps to glue things to plastic, glass, balling balls and many other things is to sand the surface to rough it up. That way your adhesive sticks better.

Tip on Using Adhesives

When gluing items together make sure both areas that will be pressed together have a good smooth, even coat of adhesive. Areas where there is no glue will create air pockets weakening your bond. Burnish both areas before pressing together.


Glues make all the difference! Methyl Cellulose combined with PVA is a great combination that is archival as well.

Tip on Using Glue Sticks

Be careful with glue sticks that go on blue and dry clear. Some brands will actually bleach some colors of cardstock. Shades of blues are particularly susceptible to bleaching with a glue stick.

If you have your own great tip for crafters working with adhesives, I invite you to share them here or to join in the fun on Crafty Tips Arts & Crafts Directory.

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