Long Time, No Patterns

Hi All,

As you may or may not know, along with all of the other things I am trying to juggle right now, I have a free pattern and project website/blog called The Crafty Tipster. It has a variety of free craft, crochet, embroidery and vintage knitting projects and patterns. Unfortunately, it’s been quite some time since I’ve added anything new to it.

If anyone’s interested, I just posted this really stylin’ vintage sweater pattern.

This pattern, like so many from the time does not include much information about swatching or sizing but there is a small clue in one of the instructions – it mentions casting on 119 stitches which will make up the 24 inch-wide back of the sweater.

It does require multiple size knitting needles but otherwise to this non-knitter it looks fairly straightforward to make.

If anyone does give it a go, please post your comments so that others may have your insight into how hard or easy this Vintage Sweater Coat Pattern is to make. Also, I would love to include a picture of you or the lucky someone you make this sweater for.

This article is a bit old, but you can learn more about becoming a Crafty Tipster and how your participation in the site can garner free advertising for your crafting-related website.

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