New Advertising Option for Crafters

Like this section of doily that is just about complete, a new advertising option for crafters is just about ready for its grand relaunch.

The Crafty Tipster, my free craft projects and patterns website, has undergone a major face-lift, change of software platform and is being updated with many new free craft projects and patterns.

The redesign isn’t quite finished as I still have to redo the logo. But, everything is working perfectly.

While I plan to continue adding my own free craft projects, free crochet patterns, free vintage knitting patterns and a myriad of other projects; I also hope to expand the site to include projects and tutorials from other crafters.

Save Geocities Websites!

I was quite shocked when I heard that Yahoo! was discontinuing Geocities as we know it. While it seemed predictable under the current financial situation; it does seem a bit like they are shooting themselves in the foot. After all, all those Geocities sites are plastered with advertising that must be providing Yahoo! with more income than most of those small, and often abandoned sites cost to run.

In light of the impending closure of the old Geocities websites, I am hoping that some of the crafters might consider participating in The Crafty Tipster rather than let their great projects disappear from the Net.

Geocities crafters could find a new home for their projects on The Crafty Tipster. Geocities crafters would retain full copyrights to their projects and receive full credit for having been the original designer. If they have a new site or web store, they will also receive links to their new sites.

Free Advertising for Etsians

One of the few drawbacks to Etsy and the other shopping cart type website communities is the limitation of providing free projects, tutorials and other additional content. Websites that contain free tutorials can bring in much more traffic than a shop does and those tutorials can also provide a degree credibility as to the skills of the crafter.

Along with a free listing on Crafty Tips, my arts and crafts directory, crafters can gain even more exposure for their websites and web stores by becoming a Crafty Tipster.

Free Premium Advertising

Anyone with a listing on Crafty Tips, who participates on The Crafty Tipster will have their Crafty Tips listing upgraded to featured status. Featured status will place their listing at the top of the category in which their listing appears.

Projects will also be featured on this blog along with links to both your tutorial on The Crafty Tipster and your own website or shop.

Seeking Craft Projects & Patterns

Anyone looking for a new home for their Geocities site or would like provide a tutorial or two to help promote their Etsy or other shop should contact me directly by dropping me a note to crafty in care of (the address is there if you read it carefully 😉 )

The only conditions to participating is that every project has at least one photo of the completed project, the project instructions are complete and understandable. the project is your own creation and has not been published elsewhere.

I hope the site grows sufficiently that I can institute either ad-revenue sharing or direct payments for your tutorials and projects but for now all I can offer is advertising for your current website on all three of my craft-related websites.

Design a tutorial or project using one of more of the free vintage images on and your work will also be featured on Art Filled Days. Art Filled Days is another blog of mine that features bios of some of the great vintage illustrators, announcements of new categories on Reusable Art and selections for vintage picture of the week!

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