Overwhelming Success

How would you handle success if something you make suddenly became the hottest things since Beanie Babies? Would you make the right choices? There’s one Etsian facing this dilemma and it looks like she is doing everything right. She has upped production, avoided over-selling and perhaps created an even bigger demand for her clever earrings.

What is Art and What is Craft?

A recent post on a painter’s blog got me thinking about how we define what is art and what is craft. He obviously felt that art was superior to craft and he bemoaned the insult of arts and crafts shows which delegate his booth to be near someone selling painted light bulbs or other functional items.

I would like to see the end of that discussion and start a new one that would benefit all people who are making and selling their arts and crafts.

Christmas & Discounting Handmade Items

Is reducing your prices for Christmas sending customers the wrong signal and hurting your bottom line?

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