Crafting Tips – Mixed

I find that cute sells. If there is any way to “cute” up your crafts do so! For instance just by adding a cute little heart button on a doll gives it that extra “original” and cute factor that will make someone look twice at your items. For lolita attire it is best to used […]

Thrifty Crafting Tips

Everything, and I do mean everything, can be turned into a craft somehow. Those quilting scraps can become a wreath of flowers or coasters. Little bits of lace, beads and other what-nots in a dollar store frame can become a decorative addition to a powder room. The possibilities are endless – just use your imagination.

Needlecraft tips

Keeping Your Fabric From Fraying: First, make sure you cut a piece of cloth that is an inch or so larger on all sides than what is actually needed. If you have a serger, before beginning to stitch a cross-stitch (or embroidery) pattern, run a seam around the edge of the fabric. No serger? Use […]

Sewing Tips

Many patterns have multiple sizes. Use non-woven interfacing such as pellon to trace off the size you want. Pellon is very durable and you can pin on it over and over again. Make sure that you trasfer all markings, notches and fold lines; and label what the pattern is. If it’s a vintage apron pattern, […]

Macrame Tips

To make macrame jewelry designing easier, create a macrame board. Put nails at the top and bottom to hold your work in place and to keep the holding cords taut for neat knotting. Also include a measuring chart for anklets, bracelets and necklaces on the board with permanent marker. You can make your board large […]

Paper Crafting Tips

Embellishments are like a period at the end of a sentence or frosting on a cupcake. Wherever we go we look for ribbons,buttons,miniature goodies,small silk floral items,plastic ants and spiders. Try using 3D scrapbooking stickers on greeting cards to make a beautiful handmade card that looks store bought. Just peel the sticker and place anywhere […]

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