The Art of a Linkable Website

A recent conversation on a webmaster forum got me thinking about making a site linkable. A linkable site can help grow your business by getting higher results in the search engines and greater name recognition. I won’t go into why links are important; not sure if I will save that for another day, or just […]

12 Tips on Writing Tutorials

How to write a how to? After years of technical support and suffering with poorly written technical documents, I began my second career as a technical writer. Now, in what I guess is my third career as a writer and business consultant, I am offering some advice to crafters who wish to add some free […]

Free Patterns Lead to Sales

Freebies lead to sales! Period, end of story. Offering free and well-done patterns and project ideas on your commercial site will lead to increased sales. On my other crafting site, Crafty Tips, the sites that get the most traffic have been those offering something for free. Being able to convert those looking for free patterns […] What’s That?

Crafty Tips is a new and exciting arts and crafts directory where artisans and crafters share their favorite websites and crafting tips. Participation is free and sites may be listed in up to three different categories. Learn more about this exciting new opportunity…

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