Is there such a thing as too much content?

Yes, content is king, but is there such a thing as too much? This question was asked in one of the forums I frequent and the answers were quite varied. I thought I would throw out for anyone who’s interested my thoughts on the subject.

Combatting Blog Spam

We all work hard to create our blogs and maintain a certain level of quality. If you are like me, your blog may be tied to another site. The hope being that the blog will help promote the other site along with building a community based around the blog.

Paying for SEO Services

The problem with so many people providing services relating to website building is that it is hard for the novice to determine who knows what they are doing and who just talks a good game. Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to SEO Services. SEO, or search engine optimization, uses a myriad […]

Protecting Your Brand

Came across an interesting article on Domain Names and Branding. The author makes reference to a recent article in Inc. Magazine that discusses the battle between two small companies and two giant companies who have branded similar sounding domain names. The original article mainly talks about the legal issues involved and does tend to make […]

Advertise Your Blog on Bloggernity

Please read postscript before visiting this site A recent forum conversation led me to a site that is all about advertising blogs and helping folks find bloggers who are willing to mention the site or business of others. I’m not so sure the second part is actually by design, but the person recommending it in […]

Help For Building Crafty & Other Websites

While I mostly talk about my site Crafty Tips on this blog, I also have another informational site called Help For Web Beginners. It is amazing how when you leave something alone for a while and come back to it, you finally see it as others do. In some sort of vane attempt on my […]

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